Discover scuba


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Discover Scuba program introduces you briefly to the diving world. Prior to entering the water, an instructor introduces you to the equipment and briefly explains the basics of diving which you’ll meet in more detail at our beginners course.


After an introduction outside the pool you’ll go to low water with one of our well qualified instructors, where you’ll be presented with some basic diving tasks. When you feel ready you’ll immerse in deeper water, where you’ll see how fun and easy breathing and moving under water is. The feeling of floating cannot be put into words – you have to experience it by yourself.

Discover Scuba includes

–   introduction of equipment

–   discover scuba

–  introduction of exercises from OWD course


What do yo need?

Nothing, but swimsuit :)

Every satureday in morning hours. Registration in diving center, via email or with registration form.

Rescue Diver course registration form

  • Use this form to register for our Rescue Diver course. After registration one of our friendly staff will contact you and you will arrange date of course.


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