Snorkeling workshop for adults

As a part of a snorkeling program, the participants get acquainted with the underwater world through an informative video and then continue with a lecture on marine flora and fauna.
They learn to recognize suitable snorkeling locations, notice potential dangers, and to take care of snorkeling equipment.
After the lecture and the video we go to a heated pool where we carry out all the tasks mentioned earlier, e.g. entering water, immersing, breathing techniques.


Snorkeling workshop for kids

The program is adapted to children, both lectures and performance of the tasks in an indoor heated pool at Vodno mesto Atlantis. Kids get to know marine flora and fauna. They discover the vegetation of the Adriatic Sea and learn how to recognize some of the most common kinds of fishes that can be seen while snorkeling on your family vacations. Throughout this course they learn the basics of safe snorkeling and how to use the equipment correctly.


A great birthday present

Give your child or a friend a fun experience that will teach them something new!
– 2h program under supervision of PADI diving instructor
– 10% off at snorkeling equipment purchase

PRICE: 25 €


Every 1. and 3. Saturday in month. Necessary registration via email info@potapljanje-atlantis.si or via registration form.
Private hours and families – individual dates.

Snorkeling workshop registration form

  • Use this form to register for our Snorkeling workshop. After registration one of our friendly staff will contact you and you will arrange date of workshop.